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We have been around the block and have a few things to say

Episode 173 – How Collaboration Can Catapult a Brand’s Success

– Francisco Pavan of Kumana

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FSP listeners, I am so excited to bring this episode to you as a co-hosted episode with none other than Jeremy Smith, an expert voice, well regarded in Consumer Packaged Goods. To top that off, this interview features Francisco Pavan, the Co-Founder of Kumana, a company that makes Avocado Sauces inspired by Venezuelan cuisine.

After traveling the world and experiencing different cultures through food, he decided to change career paths from being an automotive parts supplier, to a food startup entrepreneur. His passion and desire to bring light back to the image of Venezuela(Francisco’s home country), led him to team up with Jeremy Smith(President of LaunchPad Group) and Eric Read(Founder & Creative Director of MarketBrand) to successfully brand and sell his Avocado Sauce.

Here are some show notes:

  • 4:34 – Founder’s story – why Francisco Pavan left his career with Toyota to start an avocado sauce company?
  • 11:14 – Early market testing
  • 13:51 – Locking in branding and “Go-To-Market” strategy.
  • 15:34 – A founder’s mindset
  • 23:09 – How to combine all of the different design parts and pieces and make – a coherent and simple for the end user to understand.
  • 24:15 – How to define your “onlyness”. How do you really stand out?
  • 28:49 – How the design team should be part of the soul and creativeness all the way throughout the brand’s journey.
  • 35:00 – Early traction
  • 43:17 – What’s next for Kumana?